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 "Hermits of St John the Divine" is  a hermitage under the omophorion of His Beatitude Metropolitan +JOHN, chief hierarch of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South Americas & the British Isles (a TOC jurisdiction).


We are idiorrhythmic monastic hermits -- as were the Benedictine Romualdians and the Augustinian Hermits in the OrthodoxWest or the anchorites in the East -- located in the suburban village of Eastwood, New York.  Our Life-In-Christ, according to our Holy Rule, is one of Love, Interiority, Silence, Repentance, Community and Prayerful Intercession for the salvation of all mankind.  Our own Customary is based upon Romualdians Tradition while our monastic Typikon is that of St Benedict & St Romauld. We are the founding hermitage of the Orthodox Congregation of St Benedict - Romualdian Tradition which is itself within the American Congregation of the Primitive Observance of the Order of St. Benedict that includes monasteries for men or women throughout in the Americas and the British Isles under the governance of the same Metropolia.  Liturgically we are dual-ritual. Ordinarily we observe the Slavic Use of the (Eastern) Byzantine Rite.  On special occasions we will observe the Anglo-Roman Use of the pre-1054 Orthodox Western Rite. The Orthodox Hermitage of St John the Divine was established in 1999 when its founder was raised to stavrophore-monk on the Commemoration Day of the Repose of Our Elder Theodore of Kievian Caves (+1997).


The Hermits of St John Divine exists not only for the salvation of its members by living in common the evangelic life: the renouncing of sin and sinful passions in favor of the Kingdom of the Father revealed in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit poured forth in the Church; but also for the salvation of those who call themselves “Orthodox Christians” and for the redemption of all mankind through our own repentance, ascetic practice and unceasing prayer as exampled to us by St. Silouan the Athonite.


The Congregation is dedicated to its patrons the Beloved Disciple St John the Theologian and looks to his example of love, evangelization and mystical union with Christ while in Ephesus and his life live in the face of death on Patmos.  Equally we look to the Theotokos of Our Lord Christ Jesus for her example of love, hiddenness (solitude), her unceasing prayer and contemplation while at Ephesus. Among others, the Congregation honors all-Saints of Ephesus, Patmos, the British Isles and the Americas.